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Prairie Girls Knit & Spin

May your drafting be consistent, and your gauge never lie!

Dec 5, 2015

In this episode, the girls recount their recent road trip to Des Moines. Danie doodled her little heart out, and Susie forgets everything.

Miscellaneous items mentioned include Susie's We Call Them Pirates hat, Danie's Wide Thumb Toddler Mittens, Jordan Creek Mall, Zombie Burger, Des Moines' East VillageStitch, and Yarn Junction Co..


The winner of the fabulous Skein Watch Socks  pattern by the lovely kino was announced!

Also, the 2015 LegendPrairie contest has begun! Post in the Ravelry thread and tell us about your favorite fibery FO of the year.

Finished Projects

Danie finished her Doodler, and it is glorious! 984 yards in 19 days, including practically finishing and then ripping back to adjust the border. She also finished her Keuka Hat, and it is indeed dapper.

Susie finished her Rambled hat, and her Willowbrook Shawl. Both knits were enjoyed and are loved, both were also forgotten for recording purposes.

Current Projects

Susie worked more on her Socks in the Name of Science, and just started the toe on the first sock. She also plugged away at her Glenfiddich sweater, and cast on a test knit for mrsshoo of the In a sKnit podcast using One Twisted Tree Prime in Hinkypunk.

Danie knit on her Awesome Socks, some socks for her Wellies, and a pair of socks using One Twisted Tree in Soul of the Tardis and Admiral Adama.

Enhance the Stash

Susie acquired Manos Del Uruguay Gloria in Oceano and Vereda, Knitter's Pride Knit Blockers, and With Pointed Sticks Ballpoint Pen in All is Bright and Rollerball in Ice Queen.

Danie acquired an upcycled project bag from Spud and Chloe, Vice Paradigm in Trollop, a Fat Squirrel bag, Juniper Moon Farm's Sheep Stash, and Plymouth Yarns Happy Feet 100 Splash.