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Prairie Girls Knit & Spin

May your drafting be consistent, and your gauge never lie!

Oct 21, 2017

In this episode, the girls press record in the middle of a non-knitting conversation which evolves into a potpourri episode.

Susie's Roughlock Falls Shawl pattern is now available on Ravelry!


The girls are giving away SIX copies of Stand Up! Post a comment in the contest thread in the Ravelry group to enter!

Finished Projects

Danie finished her Downpour Socks and her Thundertwist.

Susie finished her 5th Birthday Socks and her Georgetown.

Psst! Danie also finished a pair of kid mittens!

Current Projects

Danie worked her Cattails and cast on MIL Socks, Helical Striped Fingerless Mitts, and Daelyn Pullover out of One Twisted Tree Lavish in Take the Black.

Susie worked more on her Winter Remix Hexi Socks, and cast on the Origami Top Hat out of Lavender Lune Yarn Co. DK in the Critters of Texas colorway. She also picked back up her Timber Bay hat and her Pebble Beach Shawl.